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Final exam being start today...

Good Comunication Skill?

  • Good communication skills are mutual respect skills.
  • Each person will show respect for the other as well as respect for self.
  • You show respect for the other person by listening fully and demonstrating that you "get" what that person means.
  • To have a complete communication, each person must both "get" and "give."

Barrier in comunication?

Physical (Speech difficulties, Deafness, Noisy environment, Poor sight and Poor cognitive)
Emotional (Perceptions, Prejudice, Fear, Aggression and Threat)
Cultural and language
  • Cultural differences are present in the way people communicate.
  • E.g.: some cultural will not look at another person while talking.

How to avoid barier?

Active listening
• The best way to avoid blocks in comunication
• Ask question to clarify without interupting
• Acknowledge that you were listening by saying, “I understand how difficult this must be for you.”

*EDL 2202 Communicating In English.

* Ari ni dah start Final Exam... selalu jaga budak Exam, ha..skrg kena exam plak. Mudah2an dpt jawab dgn tonang....Amin


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