Buluh Lemang With LOVE


Why we need to observed our child?

Sometime we forgot to think about it...
We just let our child growth with hope. It is enough?
Do you see your child develop? What I mean from emotional, physical, cognitive, social, moral and language.
Do you know their need? Love, food, shelter and stimulation.
It's not easy but it must be alert about it as a parent.

We as a father and mother live with a big responsible. If something good about our child it will refer to us, and also bad it will come to us also.



Rasulullah saw. biasa berdoa: Ya Allah! Aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari kelemahan, kemalasan, sifat pengecut, menyia-nyiakan usia dan dari sifat kikir. Aku juga berlindung kepada-Mu dari siksa kubur dan dari fitnah kehidupan serta kematian

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